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First Response to Readings

I found the assigned video “History of the Internet” to be incredibly informative and complex yet not overwhelming.  I didn’t realize that it was a government agency, The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency that planned the first large scale computer network. Although it may have been the first the video notes that at around the same time the rand corporation developed a military network, The National Physical Laboratory developed a commercial network and that a group called Cyclades developed the first scientific network.

As a young historian I cannot help but place myself in what if scenario and wonder what would have happened if the government didn’t fund this kind of research. Would the internet have been developed to the extent it is today purely by private enterprise? How would the internet be different? Unfortunately we historians are constantly faced with the realization that time machines are not real and these what if scenarios will always remain what if scenarios.

1. The Reign of Henry VIII

2. The life of Dwight D Eisenhower

3. A history of motorcycles

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