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Scratch is basic software designed by MIT students, that makes it easy for people to explore different kinds of digital projects such as creating a video game. I frequently enjoy playing games on addictinggames.com and other websites that feature relatively simple, yet fun flash based games. I’ve always thought it would be cool to create a similar game; however I do not possess the programming language skills necessary to complete such a project. This is where Scratch comes into play. Although it may be limited in the depth, it is the perfect tool for someone like me and the most interesting part of the software is the simplicity of it.

While playing with the software I started by making a circle move left and right. I then decided that I would create a maze and by using the arrow keys I was able to direct the circle through the maze. It was very interesting to play around with software like this and get an idea on how video games are designed. Something I would have liked to been able to do would have been to design the game so that when the circle touches the sides of the maze, that the game would start over again. However this proved pretty difficult to do in application.

~ by kroll on November 24, 2012.

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