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An Update

Last week we did not have a blog assignment because we had off of class on Tuesday for Columbus Day and Thursday was a midterm. There was no assigned reading for this week to blog about but we were tasked with familiarizing ourselves with Google Maps, KML, and Google Docs which it says we will be using in the upcoming weeks. I found Google Docs to be the easiest to use since I have used it in a previous job I held and when I started reading about it and exploring Google website I found out they updated the feature to “Google Drive” a program I downloaded onto my computer and now I have all of my documents from my computer synced with my g mail account with the click of a button. Very cool.


I found the description on KML to be extremely confusing and very specific for someone who doesn’t know much about what it was. I hope that this concept will be explained more thoroughly in class if it is going to come up again later in the course.


As for Google Maps I feel I was already pretty familiar with the program but played with it a little bit to refresh myself on how to use it and found that some of its features had been updated since I last used it.



Over the weekend I came across this interesting article which talks about internet security and relates it to James Bond. Considering we just covered internet security I found the article interesting and would highly recommend it to others.


~ by kroll on October 15, 2012.

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  1. Also maybe try exporting a Google Map and opening it in Google Earth. Though you have to download Google Earth first . . .

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