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Eisenhower: One of The Greatest Generals of All Time

Was General Eisenhower an effective commander during World War II?


In the image above we see Eisenhower going around and greeting members of the airborne division just hours before many of them would parachute to there deaths over northern France as a part of the allied invasion of Normandy.

Eisenhower Newspaper

The Article linked above as well as the image  give important insight to Eisenhower’s emotional connection to his troops which was a big part of what made him an effective leader. In the image it is seen through his expression and in the article he discusses the anxiety that he felt on that day over the lives of his men. Despite never having seen combat Eisenhower managed to effectively execute the largest amphibious assault in history and he is positively remembered in this newspaper article twenty years after the events of June 6, 1944.



The above link contains an archive of the military service of veterans. This site could be used to locate and then contact veterans of World War II to ask them first hand what they thought of Eisenhower’s command capabilities which could serve as an excellent source for writing about Eisenhower’s Command.



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